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Learn to Love Yourself at the Diamonds & Deals Motivational Weekender

With Valentine's Day creeping up on us, the idea of "love" is EVERYWHERE right now. Whilst that might be fabulous for those who are in beautiful relationships, it's not always the most exciting time of year for those of us who are single!

That's not because we are wishing we were in relationships (although that may be the case for some), but for many of us, we choose to focus on love all year around. We're not talking about loving other people, we are talking about loving ourselves. After all, you can't give love to others if you haven't mastered the art of loving YOU, first, and that is why self-love and self-care is so important, particularly in this day and age where people feel the need to live up to the standards that they see on social media (although we all know that Instagram is just a highlight reel of one's "best life", and not necessarily reality).

So, with that in mind, this couldn't be a better time to spend a couple of days surrounded by inspirational women at the Diamonds & Deals Motivational Weekender.

The Weekender is taking place at a luxury country home in Oxfordshire, and the aim is for you to leave feeling motivated, inspired, fresh, and with all-systems-go! Whether you're a new-business owner and need that "get away" time to refresh your mind, or perhaps you're someone who would like to expand their knowledge on Personal Development and Healthy Living in general, no matter who you are, we would love to welcome you for the weekend so that we can help you in as many ways as possible.

There are only THREE SPACES LEFT for this overnight event, so if you're interested in attending, please make sure that you fill out the booking form ASAP to secure your booking.

This event is taking place on the 23rd & 24th March 2019, and your time will be filled with unique experiences that have been designed to improve your health and well being.

Here's what you can expect:

Full accommodation (overnight stay from 2pm on Sat 23rd - 10am Sunday 24th March)

- Food by The Game Changer Kitchen

- Pampering with Simply LV Beauty & Skincare

- Personal Development & Mindset coaching with Lucy Chase 

- Social Media & Marketing Workshop with Gemma Burnikell & Natalie Naaman 

- Yoga with Beckie Eisner

- Business Support 

- Health & Fitness activities 

- Fresh-air country walk 

- Goody bag to take away 

Professional headshots (including professional hair & make up) will be provided by Amber Brunsdon for an extra fee if anybody would like these taken.

(Please let us know at the time of your booking if you would like more information about the headshots).

Basically, we've got your covered in all aspects of loving yourself.

Learning how to love yourself is something that everybody needs to be able to do, and we know how challenging that can actually be. Ever caught yourself saying things like "oh my god, she just loves herself soooo much" or "she knows she's so beautiful", and you've said it in a negative way? We should all appreciate our beauty and we should all admire and be proud of who we are! When we do, we are able to offer that love to those around us, and that's when we can truly make a difference to the lives of others.

We would love to see you at this special event, so please do enquire now before it's too late (these last 3 spaces are likely to go pretty quickly).

In other news, we've got our next Networking Event taking place at Missoula in Milton Keynes on Saturday 23rd February, and tickets for that are available here.

If you're about to embark in a start-up business, or if you're new to the wonderful world of entrepreneurship, we would love to help you with our "Become a Diamond in 8 Weeks" online course. More information about that can be found here.

We'll catch up with you Diamond Dolls soon.

Nat & Gem x


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