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How to love your brand this Valentine's Day!

When you're a business owner, sometimes we get so wrapped up in the hecticness (yes, we made that word up) of day-to-day life. Meetings over here, meetings over there, catching up with this client about that, updating that client about that... it can be easy to forget to take care of Number 1, and by Number 1, we mean YOUR brand (and you as a human, obvs!).

We've come up with 5 top tips that you can follow on a daily basis, to make sure that your brand remains at the top of your list and that you prioritise your one and only. After all, without your brand, there would be no business, so take care of it and give it all of the love that it needs.

Tip No.1: Keep your customer service ON POINT.

We all know the feeling of when you're trying to get on with that specific task, and all you can hear in the background is the beeping alerts of your email inbox filling up, second by second. Sometimes it's easy to miss things, especially if you're distracted at the time of contact. So, rather than open up that email and forget about it later on, keep it marked as "unread" until you are ready to open it and deal with it, and then at the end of the task-in-hand, you can see it standing out and you won't forget to respond.

With that in mind, ALWAYS reply to emails. Even if it's something you're not interested in, at least reply with a "Sorry, not this time but please keep me in mind for the future" kinda vibe. You never know when or where that person may bring value to your business or to your life, so keep your relationships strong.

Tip No. 2: Always look your best.

That goes for you AND your brand. Let's start with you. You represent your brand, right? So every time you step out the house, go to a meeting, turn up at a Networking Event, do a Facebook Live, post an Insta Story... you gotta look your best, hun! It may sound shallow, but the world we live in means that people DO look at you and judge a book by its cover. If you were to rock up with greasy hair, chipped nail polish, and looking like you just rolled out of bed, do you think people are going to take you seriously? The answer is a big fat NO! Always, and we mean ALWAYS, look presentable. If that means you have to wake up an hour earlier to get that face on, do it! Trust us, it's worth it.

Then you've got the appearance of your brand. Your website, your social media platforms, your overall branding. These are the first things that people see when they search for you online (and let's face it, what's the first thing people do when they hear of something new? They google it.). It's so important to keep these platforms sleek, smooth, user-friendly, and of course, attractive!

Tip No. 3: Be consistent with content creation.

Never stop creating content! Did you know that 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company through reading articles, rather than advertisements? Use this to your advantage! Use tools such as blogging and videos/vlogging to really get your brand and personality across to the public. At the end of the day, people buy into YOU, so show off that amazing personality and be attractive to your audience.

Tip No.4: Connect EMOTIONALLY.

Did you know that 75% of consumers say that they make buying decisions based on their emotions? I guess that makes total sense. Our emotions are often the leading factor of most decisions made in our lives. If you can connect emotionally with your audience, they will be much more likely to relate to you as a brand and their loyalty towards what you do and what you're all about will increase. Use your own personal experiences and figure out what tugs on YOUR heart strings, because it will be likely that those same things will affect your target audience, too.

Tip No.5: Encourage feedback, and listen!

By now, we should all know that the greatest successes come from mistakes and failures. We all do things wrong sometimes, and we all look back and think "I wish I did that differently" or "why did I not think about that one more carefully!". But hey, that's life! Without those mistakes and downers, we would never grow. So take those failures and use them as lessons. Find out what your customers DIDN'T like, and ask them what you could do to improve the situation and to make things better.

To summarise, you should treat your brand just like you treat your partner. Give it attention, give it love, and ask for feedback and constructive criticism when necessary.

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine's day filled with LOVE, no matter what your situation may be! After all, self-love is the most important love of all.


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