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Diamonds & Deals talks to Beckie of hiloyoga

With our Diamonds and Deals Motivational Weekender only a matter of days away, we thought we catch up with Beckie Eisner who will be attending the retreat and teaching Yoga to our group of female entrepreneurs. Beckie has recently started up her own Yoga brand, hiloyoga, so we decided to ask her some questions about why she decided to take a leap from the corporate world and explore the world of fitness.

D&D: Tell us where Hilo Yoga came from? How did you get started? 

B: Ok this sounds weird but the easiest way to put it is that hiloyoga is a little bit like my alter ego - I work in a corporate world and have done for 10 years so hiloyoga encompasses everything I enjoy outside of that world. It's my release and the place that I can really express myself and help others. I officially started Hilo only three or four months ago but when I look back it feels like it has been bubbling up inside of me for much much longer. I think a lot of people who have their own businesses can feel like this, it's usually much more deep rooted than we always think. I have always wanted freedom and choices in life, I LOVE variety and I can get bored quite easily with routine so having another side to my personality and my life is super important to me... enter hiloyoga.

D&D: Is yoga something you always wanted to do?

B: No not at all - I think if you ask anyone that knows me they would say they are probably quite surprised that I teach now. When I was younger I was quite sporty but it was mainly swimming and high intensity competitive or team sports and I certainly was never the leader or captain of the team - I always liked to take a back seat and let others lead the way. I grew up just outside London and has practiced yoga for a few years beforehand. I moved into the city about three years ago and I was lucky enough to stumble upon a studio called HotPod which at the time was my local go-to. Very quickly I fell in love with the hot element and the approachable, non-dogmatic approach the studio offered and it really started to impact how I felt about trying new things. Ultimately it gave me the balls I needed to realise this might be something I could do more with and in November 2018 I completed my teaching qualification at the very studio I started.

D&D: What's your favourite thing about what you do?

B: Ok I have two things that spring to mind straight away! Freedom and Feelings. Hilo gives me so much freedom and joy not just physically but mentally too. As I said before, it gives me that release, that freedom to play and to express myself in ways that I don't have in my every day life and that has allowed me to access new feelings, learn more lessons, make more mistakes - I would go as far to say I have learnt more about myself and what I'm capable of in the last 6 months (whilst hiloyoga has been born), than I did in the majority of my twenties - it has honestly been life changing and it's a little bit addictive too!

D&D: Why do you recommend individuals to get into yoga? Are there any specific things that you think yoga is beneficial for?

B: So, the first thing I'd say is that yoga is personal. For some people yoga is just a work out, for others it's their quiet time. For me it's about what it can offer me mentally - and I don't mean spiritually - I mean my brain, my willpower, my ego, my thoughts, my self doubt, my acceptance. So I could tell you that yoga could help you with your flexibility, that would be true. I could also tell you that it could help you learn how to stay calm, that would also be true but the best piece of advice I could give is just try it and try it more than once, try different teachers, try different classes and studios because you are unique and so is your practice.

D&D: Where did you come up with the name?

B: Haha so I actually came up with name... wait for it, in bed. I had been thinking about it for ages but that was my lightbulb moment if you like?! The name itself was something that resonated with both the physical practice but also the wave of high and low energy it creates. I teach (hot) Vinyasa Yoga which is built around a flow sequence, so moving between standing and elevated postures (high) to compact grounded movements and seated stretches (low). A lot of yoga teachers brand themselves as their business and as a teacher you are your brand, so that makes total sense. But for me I was looking for something with more flexibility and something that would stand with me if and when I have others working with me and fingers crossed a studio eventually. I would definitely say that's something to think about when looking at starting your own business, embrace the now but definitely think about where you want to take it. The more you plan, the faster you'll get there after all 🙂

D&D: How did you feel about starting your own business? 

B: To be completely honest I never thought it would be something I would do. I studied Fashion Photography at Uni and for me my career path consisted of working for brands (the bigger the better) and climbing the ladder from one title to the next. Being able work weekends and to come home from my 9-5 and work on something I enjoy so much, that never feels like a job, makes me feel so lucky. At beginning I never actually really had much time to think about it. I knew after I finished my teacher training I wanted to teach independently, not for studios, and that has been what has driven me - Hilo has just been born as the result of doing and building something that I love!

D&D: What are the biggest hurdles you've faced since starting Hilo yoga?

B: I think the biggest are yet to come if I'm honest (and I'm ready for it!) but if I had to share some, here goes; finding the time and balancing my corporate life and my Yoga life. Another would be the fear of making mistakes, but silly ones like is my logo the right colour and will I want to change it in 6 months time. Another, not so romantic, is finding the cash to fund getting your business off the ground. If you're anything like me, I like things done a certain way so having to compromise on things sometimes can be tough. My advice for anyone in this position is keep it simple - not everything has to be perfect but try and prioritise what's going to be the most valuable and to get you that return (whatever that might mean to your business).

D&D: What lessons have you learned since starting you own business?

B: That I can do anything I want to do and so can you. 18 months ago hiloyoga wasn't in my plan, it wasn't even in my brain but after my training something changed in me. Never put yourself in a box because when you least expect it you will grow and you will learn and you'll realise anything is possible and those are the things we live for. Embrace everything thrown your way!

D&D: Do you have any daily methods of operation which you use to help you as a business owner?

B: I wouldn't say any of hiloyoga this far has been method - haha maybe that's something I shouldn't admit. I think the main thing that has helped me grow my business this far is listening to both my intuition and to others. I am always so surprised at how much I learn from other people's experiences so I would say never under estimate asking the right questions. I also love going to other teacher's classes and meeting them and their students! Meditation also really helps me - I'm naturally quite an anxious person, so quiet time in the morning really helps me clear my mind especially when I have a full day of office work and I know I've got an evening of class or event planning afterwards.

D&D: What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting their own business in the fitness industry?

B: Find your niche. I used to spend a lot of time looking at what other teachers, other people in the industry were doing but I soon came to realise that what they were doing wasn't right for me as it didn't t come naturally . Put yourself in your consumers shoes, what are they looking for, what do they need, where do they need it and why? Somewhere amongst all of this you will find the missing piece to the puzzle. Remember that no matter what your business is, we are human and human connection can never be underestimated - so don't be afraid to show your personality, meet other humans and most of all be genuine.

Well, we just love Beckie! We can't wait to take part in her class at the Weekender. There is still ONE SPACE LEFT if you would like to join us for a weekend filled with motivation, inspiration, personal development and mindset tips. Register your interest and find out more information here.

You can follow hiloyoga on Instagram @hilo.yoga, and Diamonds & Deals @diamondsanddeals.


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