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5 Tips to get your business off to a strong month...

Hello February! The Warmer weather is coming, we have another chance to stick to our new year resolutions and Love Day is fast approaching. The plans for a new month are always exciting, but once you've sorted your finances and got your personal agenda out the way, do you have enough time to get your business off to a strong month?

Below are our tips to follow!

1. Get Organised

Take a look at your diary overview for this month and plan accordingly. Consider your Work & Social Events and Finances & Budgets. Set yourself daily, weekly and monthly goals so you can prioritise your workload, have a strategy to follow, and achieve results.

Tidy out your purse & handbag and get a new notepad if you need to! Tidy minds and new stationary give us room to think of new ideas and think with a clear head. Do your washing and put on fresh bed sheets, so your personal space is de-cluttered (Marie Kondo style!)

83% of business owners believe being organised is vital for your business and we agree!

2. Research

What are the trends within your industry this month? And what new products/services have your competitors launched? Do you know what new content you will publish this month?

Take a look through industry magazines, blog posts, social media 'explore' options and find out what is happening around you and what you can do for your business to stand out and make a difference.

By introducing Research, your business can improve sales figures, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

3. Understand your needs that month

Once you have carried out Market Research and know what your business needs to do that month, devise a mind map of how you are going to get there and where your focus is this month. Not only is this creative method visually stimulating, it is also proven to increase recall of information, so you can refer back to it at the end of the month and confirm your achievements! This will help you move forward next month with a strong game plan.

4. Make smart investments

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, look at your diary overview to see what events you have coming up and plan your finances and budgets. A lot of business owners do not focus on their wealth and put extreme amount of pressure on themselves to raise the funds. If you know what you have coming up, you can determine how much you need to put aside, and it will be easier for you to set yourself sales targets to raise additional funds should you need to. If you have extra capital and want to re-invest back into your business, look at your mind map and figure out where this is best spent.

5. Block out time for YOU

Our final tip is that amongst preparing yourself for a strong month through tidying up, researching, planning and spending wisely, you must make time for YOU! Block out times in the diary where you can enjoy a book, sit in silence, go for a walk, go to the gym, go shopping or do whatever makes you happy. Take time out from working on your business and find time to get inspired & creative!

We hope you have a great month ahead. If you are interested in attending our Networking Events, Motivational Weekenders or would like to opt for Business Coaching, please email info@diamondsanddeals.co.uk

Love Gemma & Natalie.

Diamonds & Deals.

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